There lived a man who was known for his wild living. One day, the man died. It was discovered at the reading of the man’s will that he left his farm to the devil. The court deliberated on the ridiculous set of circumstances.

Finally, the court decided on the best way to carry out the man’s wishes. It would let the farm’s fields grow up in weeds and briars, allow the house and barns to remain unpainted and rot, and permit the soil to erode and wash away. The court stated “the best way to let the devil have it, is to do nothing with it.”

Let’s take a moment to look back at the year 2017. Was it a year to be proud of as a Christian? Was it a year that, if you had a chance, you would live all over again? All that is needed for a Christian’s life to go downhill is to neglect Bible reading, prayer, worship, and serving. The Christian lets the devil take over his or her life by default.

The new year of 2018 offers us a time to remember, to reflect, and to rededicate ourselves to the commitments we have made as Christians. The new year of 2018 offers a new beginning. Let’s give God our best in 2018.







Thank you again to all those who participated in our Adult Choir Christmas Musical. It was a wonderful service of worship through the music of the season! Thank you to all who sang in the Adult Choir-it was beautiful! A special thanks to Barb and Michael for your time and hard work behind the scenes; we couldn’t do what we do without you! Thank you to Steve for narrating for us; you brought the words to life, and added meaning to what we heard. Many thanks to Doug, Bobbi, Len, Krystee, and Sarah for your solos and quartet. You all did a beautiful job, and I’m thankful for your talent, and for your willingness to sing for the Lord! Thank you to Dawn and Helen for learning the quartet and the solo in case Krystee and Sarah were sick. My heart is full of love and gratitude for each of you, and I wish you all a peaceful and joyful 2018!

Thank you again to those who went caroling with us. We were small in number, but big in Christmas spirit and cheer!

Thank you to my Athens Drive church family for the Christmas honorarium you gave me. It is very much appreciated! Thank you also, for the cards and other gifts you gave me throughout the month of December. Your love and thoughtfulness mean a lot to me.






This year our children joined with the Glory of God Christian Fellowship for a medley of Christmas songs.  It was nice to see so many children singing in our sanctuary.  Abby and Evie also participated in our annual Christmas caroling.  I would like to especially thank the Children’s Council and the Hospitality Committee for all they did to make our Christmas party a success!  Most of all, thank you for coming to support our events.







In the midst of all the activities and things to do (with never enough time) that come with this time of year the youth were still able to find time to come together and celebrate Christmas. Our Christmas party was on the early side of December but that didn’t take away from any of the fun and great fellowship we had. Thank you to all the youth, their families, youth council members, and volunteers that came and made the night so special.
As we all enter into 2018, please pray that the youth will have a successful new year where they can grow in their personal and spiritual lives.

As always, if there are any opportunities for the youth to serve you or someone you know, please do not hesitate to let me know!


In Christ,




The International Mission Study on Russia will be Sunday, January 7. The meal will begin at 6:15 P.M. and the mission study will begin at 7:00 P.M. Please plan to join us for an evening of fun and fellowship.



Thank you for our church honorariums. Also, thank you for the Christmas cards and gifts. It was kind of you to remember us at Christmas. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Tim & Jeanne



Thank you to my Athens Dr church family for the Christmas honorarium you gave me. It is very much appreciated! Thank you also, for the cards and other gifts you gave me throughout the month of December. Your love and thoughtfulness mean a lot to me.




Thank you for the honorarium and cards. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.




Thank you all for your generous gift. I consider myself very blessed to serve ADBC as its youth minister. Seeing the youth grow and cultivating a desire to serve our congregation and community has been such a rewarding experience. Again, thank you for your gift and I look forward to serving you, the youth, and our Lord in 2018.  




Thank you Athens Drive for the Christmas honorarium. I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!




5 Jessica Bielby

11 Sandi Cruz

12 Mary Jane Campbell

14 Steve Borisuk

21 Betty Wimberly

24 Maree Martin

27 Alyson Rice

28 Helen Cox


Happy January Anniversary

7 Jenny and Matt Brown (2007)


BEV HILL NEWS: Because many of you have asked: Our family had quite a year in 2017 and we do have news to share. We are pleased to announce the marriage of my daughter Mollie Craver to Tim Albright in May. They have recently purchased their first home in Wilmington and are doing well. Mollie continues her career as a graphic designer with N2 Publishing and Tim is a long time area manager with Opry Glow Golf. My son Karl started off the year by returning from another long overseas deployment in January. Around his 22nd birthday in July, he achieved the rank of Sargent. In December, at the end of his first four years in the Marine Corps, he signed an extension for 9 more months and will be overseas most of 2018. We will all appreciate your prayers. I continue to focus on volunteering with organizations that assist our military and their families. There is an overwhelming need for that here in the Raleigh area. There are quite a few “Gold Star” families in our area who have lost their active duty family member or “Blue Star” families whose loved one is actively serving – many in the National Guard and deploying constantly worldwide. If you are interested in hearing about some of these volunteer opportunities please let me know. Again, thank you for your love and prayers for us.

Bev Hill and family