Athens Drive Baptist Church

“Serving Sharing Sending”

March 18, 2018

11:00 A.M.


Welcome                                                                                  Steve Rice


Call to Worship Hymn #28 (Please stand)                                Crosby                                                                                                                                                                                 

“To God Be the Glory”


Ingathering for Annie Armstrong Easter Offering


Reading of Scripture                                                           Steve Rice

John 19:1-16




Pastoral Prayer                                                                              Pastor


Offertory Hymn #225 (Please stand)                                                Jones                                                                                                                                                                                                   

“There is Power in the Blood”


Prayer of Dedication                                                     Joe Hendricks


Offertory                                                                           Barbara Fraser


Hymn #245 (Please stand)                                                              Newell

“At Calvary”


Sermon                                                                                            Pastor

“The Cross”

John 19:1-16


Hymn of Decision #105 (Please stand)                                                Johnston                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

“Grace Greater than Our Sin”


Called Church Conference                                                             Pastor


Benediction                                                                                     Pastor


Postlude                                                                        Barbara Fraser



WELCOME GUESTS: We welcome our guests to the worship service     today. Please complete the guest card and place it in the offering plate during the service. Thank you for coming to worship with us today.


NOMINATING COMMITTEE: The deacons recommend Pam Skillman, Imogene Clegg, Helen Cox and Jeff Hockaday as members of the Nominating Committee to serve September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2020 and Pam Skillman as Chair of the committee. A vote on this recommendation will be taken at a called church conference after the morning worship service TODAY.  


ADULT CHOIR EASTER MUSIC:   Our Adult Choir Easter music is scheduled for NEXT SUNDAY at 11:00 a.m. Please come worship with us as we focus our hearts and minds on God’s grace for us through Christ’s death on the cross.


CANDY DONATIONS: The children’s committee would like your help with individually wrapped candy donations to stuff 500 plastic eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt with GGCF.  The invitation is extended to the neighborhood, so we must be prepared for visitors that might come.  We will begin stuffing eggs soon, and we would really appreciate your support of this children’s ministry event!  Thank you!


NEEDED FOR OPERATION INASMUCH 2018:   Our 9th Operation Inasmuch Day will be Saturday, April 28. The rain date is Saturday, May 5. Assistance with Oak City Outreach Ministry to the homeless in downtown Raleigh and the Greeting Card Ministry are Operation Inasmuch projects. Kits containing items such as travel size toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, and packs of sandwich crackers, peanuts, granola bars, and bottled water will be shared with the homeless. Socks and t-shirts will also be provided. Labeled containers for receiving donated items will be placed in the foyer. Our team will also help serve food donated by several organizations, make coffee and interact with the homeless.

The Greeting Card Ministry will be preparing cards to send to military personnel, hospitals and nursing homes. Donations of “Thank You,”

“Thinking of You,” and “Get Well” cards are needed. A labeled container will be placed in the foyer for collection of donations.

Your help is appreciated. Inasmuch as you did it to the least of these my brethren you did it to me. Matthew 25:40.




Exalting God Through Worship

Encouraging All Through Fellowship

Growing Spiritually Through Discipleship

Serving Others Through Ministry

Sharing Jesus Through Missions/Evangelism



8:15 AM     Mission Breakfast

9:45 AM     Sunday School

11:00 AM    Morning Worship – Ingathering

1:30 PM     Youth Going Bowling

6:00 PM      Budget & Finance Meeting



9:30 AM     Fun/Fit/Fellowship



9:30 AM     Fun/Fit/Fellowship

7:00 PM      Children in Action & Youth on Mission

7:00 PM      Adult Bible Study

7:45 PM      Adult Choir Rehearsal



9:30 AM      Fun/Fit/Fellowship



10:00 AM    Adult Choir Easter Music Rehearsal




9:45 AM     Sunday School

11:00 AM    Morning Worship – Easter Music

5:00 PM      Youth Alpha Omega – Service Project



Reverend Timothy A. Howell, Pastor

Melanie Allen, Minister of Music/Organist

Barbara Fraser, Pianist

Jeanne Howell, Minister to Children

Steve Rice, Minister to Youth

Julie Bull, Administrative Assistant



                                       PRAYER CONCERNS

OUR CHURCH FAMILY: Joyce Gentry, Melanie Allen, Curtis and Doris Clark, Lois Jones, Josh Needham and family, Leilia Harris, The family of Johnnie Freeman, Bill Hedspeth and family, Bob Skillman, Barbara Fraser, Shirlowe Powell, Katherine Brigman and family, Jenny Mabe Brown, Becky Hedspeth, Evelyn and Herbert Rouse, Beverly Mabe, Kaycee and Johnny Rice and family, (Bobbi Cross), Maree Martin, Lucille Cooke, Helen Cox, Betty Wimberly, Barbara Powell, Karl Hill, Vicky Cross, Judy Israel, Bill Bielby, Nagra Aftab, Mollie Craver (Bev Hill), Martha Kaidouh, Nancy Garrett

OUR FRIENDS AND RELATIVES: Larry Beechem (Freeman Wilder), Buel S. Combs, III (Holland Gibson), Debbie Harris (Margaret Gaines), Landis Phillip (Robert Gaines), Bill O’Reilly (Bob Skillman), Julian Anderson (Gail Clayton), Mary Ruth Oates (Melanie Allen), The family of Penny Foster (Doug Smith), Candice Carr (Helen Cox), Cindy Buffalo and family, Kyle Lineback (Vena Hendricks), Ronald Wilder (Freeman Wilder), Ray Adcock (Vena Hendricks), Michael and Crystal Bielby (Dawn Bielby), Mickie Dickenson (Jennifer Needham), Bea Finger (Imogene Clegg), Wynton Striplin (Judy Israel), Ben Sutphin (John CoxBella Dusenbury (Jeanne Howell), Johnny Deal (Betty Wimberly), Laura Moore (Holland Gibson), Mildred Fraser (Barbara Fraser), Mary Jane Caudle (Virgil & Lois Jones), Ervin Humphries (Robert Gaines), Dixie Hobgood (Robert Gaines), Lorilie Partin (Robert Gaines), Earl & Louise Gardner and family (Helen Cox), Frank Nosel (Rosalyn Peele), Billy Tart (Bobbie White), Conor Wheatcroft (Pam Skillman), Dean Phelps (Vicky Cross), Salina Hawkins (Bobbie White), Deb Canfield (Bev Hill), Tommy and Barbara Byrd (Betty Wimberly), Lelon Dollar (Dot Ashcraft), Dale White (Bobbie White), Sue Pollard (Jeff and Connie Hockaday), Mary Ann Milligan (Bev Hill), David Horsch (Dawn Bielby), Richard Moore (Freeman Wilder)


Doris Clark, Heartfields Assisted Living, 1050 Crescent Green Drive,

Room 124B, Cary, NC 27518

Margaret Pittman, Woodland Terrace, Arboretum B9, 300 Kildaire

Woods Drive, Cary, NC 27511

Barbara Powell, Oak Hill Living Center, Room #200, 9767 N.C. 210,

Angier, NC 27501

Herbert Rouse, Oak Hill Living Center, Room #323, 9767 N.C. 210,

Angier, NC 27501




March 18: Joe Hendricks

March 25: John Cox

April 1: Doug Smith

April 8: Dan Israel



March 18: Betty Wimberly & Margaret Gaines

March 25: Jessica Bielby & Margaret Gaines

April 1: Bobbie White & Dot Gregory

April 8: Beverly Mabe & Margaret Gaines



March 18: No Snack Supper Needed

March 25: No Snack Supper Needed – Service Project

     April 1: No Youth Alpha Omega – Easter Sunday

     April 8: Lazarus/Good Shepherd Class