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From the Pastor





I was watching the news one evening when they reported on troops returning to Fort Bragg.  I saw soldiers and their spouses embracing.  I saw soldiers and their children embracing.  I saw soldiers and their parents as well as grandparents embracing.  The news reporter stated that it never gets old watching these types of homecomings.


There are all kinds of homecomings.  One of those is the church homecoming.  There will be delicious food, wonderful fellowship, and inspiring music and sermon during worship.  There will also be story telling, laughter, and some tears.  Most of all it will be a time of celebration.  We look forward to homecoming.


The Bible comes to mind when I think about homecoming.  I love the story of Jacob coming home.  He was embraced by his brother Esau.  I love the story of the prodigal son coming home.  He was embraced by his father.  I especially love to read about the final homecoming for Christians found in the book of Revelation.   We will be embraced by Jesus.  It will be the “homecoming of all homecomings.”

















WELCOME TO THE ADULT CHOIR, Dawn Bielby!  We appreciate your joining us weekly as a regular member.  We needed you – thank you!


Christmas music rehearsals have begun.  Please mark December 10th on your calendars to come worship with us as the Adult Choir presents “Christ Was Born for This” during the 11:00AM worship time.


As I announced in my August newsletter article, a donation was made for new hymnals (2008 edition) for our church; we started using them on September 24th.  I believe they will be a great asset in our corporate worship, as they contain so many of our standard favorites, some old hymns and gospel songs that weren’t included in the most recent editions, and a lot of contemporary songs and choruses.  We will be able to sing some of the songs we know and sing with our Worship Team, as well as some new ones, but now we can sing them from the hymnal instead of from the screen.  In addition to the new hymnals that are in the backs of the pews, we also have the pulpit, piano, and organ editions.  It is my hope that these new hymnals will not be marked in and messed up like some of the ones were that we had been using.  Please keep pencils and especially markers and pens, away from the hymnals.  Thank you!!  If you weren’t here on September 24th, or if you were here, but haven’t picked up the hymnals you donated in 1991, please feel free to do so.  THANK YOU for giving to that endeavor.  Those hymnals have served us well for 26 years, and I want you all to know how much I appreciate what you did then.  Everyone who donated hymnals did so in memory of, or in honor of loved ones, and that was so special to all of us.  The old hymnals that we’ve been using are on the back pew in the middle section of the wing, and are in alphabetical order according to the last name of the donor(s).  Several of you gave quite a few, and yours are in boxes with your name on them.  Please pick these up to keep, to give to family members in whose honor you gave them, or to donate if you know of a need (such as to an assisted living facility).  If you DO decide you want to donate yours to a facility, the church still has several hymnals that can be added to yours to make a more sizable donation,   and these hymnals are in boxes underneath that same pew.  Some of the hymnals were donated by former members who we may see at Homecoming,   and theirs are on that back pew, too.  THANK YOU again to all of you who lovingly donated  hymnals in 1991!  THANK YOU Debra, Doug, Bobbi, and Jerry for helping me get the hymnals to the church building, removing and organizing the old hymnals, and putting the new ones out in the sanctuary.  It was a sizable job, and I appreciate your time and hard work!!  Let’s take care of our new hymnals, and use them to continue worshiping together with Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs as we lift our voices in corporate worship, and may all we do be done to honor and glorify God!                                                                                                                    With




Gratitude and Love











Our annual Fall Festival will be Wednesday, October 25th from 6:00 to 8:00 P.M.  Please come out and support this church-wide event.  We will have games, trunk-or-treating, and food served by our hospitality committee.  Invite your family, friends, or neighbors!


As in the past, we will need help.  If you can help with trunk-or-treating, cakes for the  cakewalk, or donations of individually wrapped  candy, the children's council would greatly appreciate it.  



Thanks so much,





Youth Group  News




There are many events and service opportunities that the youth are looking forward to in the new church year. From volunteering at the upcoming Fall Festival and Homecoming to planning a fishing trip and other social outings, there is much to do for the youth and their church family. We are also looking to start back up with joining with GGCF youth for lessons and possible some of the planned events!


As always, if there are any opportunities for the youth to serve you or someone you know, please do not hesitate to let me know!



In Christ, 

Steve Rice









Adult Mission Night:  Please join us on Wednesday, October 11, for Adult Missions Night.  Our focus this month will be on World Hunger.  Please prayerfully consider your gift to this offering which helps those in need.  Our church goal is $500 and will be received throughout the month of October.


Thank you for your gifts to the North Carolina Mission Offering in September.


Thanks to the Betty McElrath Mission Group for collecting canned food items for the NC Fair Ministry.  And, for their recent monetary collection for Pure Water, Pure Love.  You gave $665 to  supply water filtration units for homes and portable filters for traveling missionaries in areas without safe drinking water.   We appreciate the group’s continued efforts with community outreach.


Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes:  The amazing journey of a Shoebox Gift begins with you and September 24 was our kickoff for this year’s Shoebox Ministry.   If you’ve ever watched the videos of the children opening their boxes you see how excited and blessed they are to receive the “little things” we so often take for granted.   From children to seniors we can all participate in this great ministry.  Commit to make a difference this year and pack a shoebox or two, for children who may not know Christ or for one who needs to experience God’s love through us.  Last year our goal was 50 and we packed 52, this year there are 100 shoeboxes ready to fill.  Will you help?  Please return your packed shoebox to the church by November 12.  Cost for shipping this year is $9 per box.  If you are unable to shop and pack a shoebox, monetary donations are accepted.  Stop by the church and pick up your boxes today (located in the foyer)! 


Thank you in advance for your participation in this ministry!!








Christmas by the Sea, a senior adult retreat at Fort Caswell, is scheduled for December 6 - 8.  This year's theme, "From Manger to Majesty", will focus on Jesus' life, not only His birth in the manger, but His entire time on earth and what can be learned from His earthly ministry. Phyllis Elvington, an uplifting, energetic, and awesome woman of God, will be the guest speaker. The cost  of $180.00 includes 2 nights lodging, 5 meals, a craft as well as other optional in-house activities, and a Christmas show at Fort Caswell featuring Russell and Kristi Johnson, past performers with the Carolina Opry.  If interested in attending, a deposit of half of the total cost, $90.00, is needed by Sunday, October 1 to secure your reservation.  The remainder will be needed upon arrival at Caswell.  Please make checks payable to Connie Hockaday as Caswell prefers deposits be submitted with one check for each church group.






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2 Anne and Philip Crawford (2010)

13 Bruce and Barbara Fraser (1979)





Happy Wedding Anniversary to Bruce and Barbara Fraser on October 13.





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