CHURCH PURPOSE

                                               Exalting God Through Worship

Encouraging All Through Fellowship

Growing Spiritually Through Discipleship

Serving Others Through Ministry

      Sharing Jesus Through Missions/Evangelism  





From the Pastor





Have you driven a Ford lately?”  When I think of Ford cars, I remember Henry Ford’s place in automotive history.  When I think about Henry Ford, I remember something he said.  Ford once said that the ability to encourage others is one of life’s finest assets.



Such a person was found in the early church.  The apostles recognized Joseph of Cyprus as a person of encouragement.  They gave him the name “Barnabas”  which means “Son of  Encouragement.”  Barnabas encouraged the church through his stewardship  (Acts 4:37), his fellowship (Acts 9:27), his leadership (Acts 11:23,24), his teaching (Acts 13:1), and his mission work (Acts 13:2,3).



There are many “sons and daughters of encouragement” at ADBC.  You have encouraged the church through many of the same ways as Barnabas.  Encouragers are our church’s finest assets.  Thank you for being an encourager.



We are almost at the end of another church year.  Let me say thank you to our church officers, deacons, directors, teachers, committees, councils, choir, volunteers and staff.  I    appreciate all  that you do as volunteers and staff. 














OUTRAGEOUS SALE:  The 2017 Coupon Books are now reduced to $10 each.  They are valid through November 30, 2017.  Please see Debra or me if you’re interested in one or more.  We have only a few left, so get them soon!  The proceeds will go to the Music Fund.



NEW HYMNALS ARRIVING SOON:  A donation has been made for new hymnals for our church.  They will be a great asset in our corporate worship, as they contain so many of our standard favorites, and a lot of contemporary songs and choruses.  We will be able to sing some of the songs we learned and sang with our Worship Team, as well as some new ones, but now we can sing them from the hymnal instead of from the screen.  In 1991 our ADBC church family very generously donated the current hymnals we are using.  Again, I thank you all for giving to that endeavor.  Those hymnals have served us well for 26 years, and I want you all to know how much I appreciate what you did then.  Everyone who donated hymnals did so in memory of, or in honor of loved ones, and that was so special to all of us.  When the new hymnals arrive, I will have the 1991 hymnals available for you to look through and get the ones that you donated if you want them.  Those that are left will be stored in the choir room and fellowship building.



NC Baptist Singers and Orchestra:  As I shared at our last quarterly church conference, I have joined the NC Baptist Singers and Orchestra.  The 2016-2017 season was the 50th Anniversary of the NCBSO, and Debra and I went to their concert in February in Durham.  It was fabulous!  They are a group of excellent musicians, and they sang a wide variety of sacred music selections.  Janine Wall and Pepper Choplin are members of the group, and the organist was a music major at Meredith with me, and is a good friend.  I hope you’ll be able to come to the concert at Trinity Baptist Church in Raleigh, but the schedule for the entire season is below.  (No, I won’t be going to Cuba.)


2017-2018 Concerts:

  September 11, 2017: Woodland Baptist, Waynesville

  October 16, 2017: First Baptist, Morganton

  November 13, 2017: Arlington Baptist, Rocky  Mount

  January 22, 2018: Elizabethtown Baptist,  Elizabethtown

  February 12, 2018: Green Street Baptist, High Point

  March 12, 2018: Roxboro Baptist, Roxboro

  April 5-13, 2018: Cuba Missions Trip for   Members

  May 7, 2018: Trinity Baptist, Raleigh





Youth Group  News




There have been some big changes for the ADBC Youth this summer. First, it was with a heavy heart that I told the youth that the Little Caesar's pizza shop right down the road has recently closed down. Between youth meals and various church events I thought we would have been able to single-handedly keep them afloat, but this is a change that we will just have to get used to. Also, Cole has been working hard at his summer job and is gaining valuable life lessons and experience. Finally, over the last couple of weeks we have been enjoying the presence of Damien, a relatively new member of our youth group, in church and in Youth Alpha Omega. He will only be with the youth for a short time as he will be starting classes at Wake Tech in the fall and will graduate up to the Youth.   Please take the time to get to know him and keep him in your thoughts and prayers. 



Recently, the youth had a helping hand in updating the church sign. They got to learn a little more about the process and see what it was like to put a great message on display for our community to see.



As always, if there are any opportunities for the youth to serve you or someone you know, please do not hesitate to let me know!





In Christ, 

Steve Rice








UPDATE:   The Nominating Committee Report for the new church year will be available on



August 6 on the front table in the foyer entrance.  There will be a special called Church Conference on August 20 to approve this report.  The Committee members would like to thank you for your commitment and willingness to serve at Athens Drive Baptist Church.





Happy August Birthday



 3 Bruce Fraser

 4 Eddie Peele

 5 Curtis Clark

    Kari Skillman 

    Lisa Vanderlip Parnell 

    Jennifer Needham

13 Jody Wimberly

19 Virgil Jones

21 Assis Aftab

22 Gail Clayton

      Justin Smith

26 Ben Cantrell

     Audrey Brown

28 Joyce Gentry

     Calvin Clayton

30  Sarah Smith







Greg and Cheryl Powell August 4, 1979

Justin and Christina Chinnis Smith  August  20, 2014







Happy Church Anniversary to Pastor Tim Howell on August 1.






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